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low us on WechatWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at C▓ESWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at CESWorld tech firms eye cooperation with China at CES01-10-2019 17:05 BJTLAS VEGAS, Jan. 8 -- As the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicked off here Tuesday, world tech companies are seizing the opportunity to boost cooperation with Chinese firms, eyeing the Chinese market, technolog▓y and talent.At a press conference

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before the opening of th▓e CES, French automotive supplier Valeo announced its▓ strategic cooperation with Meituan, one of China's lea▓ding on-demand food delivery platforms, and the two sides will work to▓gether on

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autonomous delivery vehicles."The Chinese market is the biggest market in the world. So, we absolutely need to be present and to grow our presence in the market," Jacques Aschenbroich, chairman and CEO of V▓aleo, told Xinhua Tuesday.Pointing out the "upmost importance" of the Chi

nese market in electric cars, Aschenbroich said that currently about 15 percent of th▓e company's global turnover in electric cars comes from China."Th▓ere are some new players that bring a new concept of mobility into the market and Meituan is one of those new player

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